Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We're getting close now!!

I haven't updated in 20 days. I didn't feel like there was much new news to update on.
I had a doctor appointment today, and we have scheduled my c-section for January 28! Let's just hope I don't go into labor before then! The boys are all looking good and are still constantly growing. My tummy is now so large and round, that even including maternity clothes, I only have about 2 shirts that entirely cover it. That doesn't matter much to me, though, being on bedrest, I have indulged in having an excuse to live in warm, comfy, soft pajamas!!

The boys had a very good Christmas! They got to sop up all the yumminess of pot roast, Christmas turkey, and venison! Not to mention cider and candy canes. They even got presents, although it was exceedingly hard for them to open the gifts themselves (being in the womb and all) Ben and I opened them. They got lots more little stuffed animals! Ben and I's small apartment is over-flowing with baby things, which we don't mind so much. We are looking forward to meeting these little guys in person, and want to make sure they have anything they could possibly need. We even almost have all the baby stuff put away (even though we had to be creative with some space issues) and we are almost finished with the baby room! I may, in this last month of pregnancy, even get around to getting their curtains made.

And of course any well-wishes, prayers, or words of encouragement are always welcome. If you feel compelled to tell any delivery/pregnancy/c-section type of horror stories, please refrain until AFTER the babies are born. I have noticed that everytime I encounter a new person, when they find out I am having triplets, all I hear are horror stories about complicated multiple pregnancies/births. I honestly don't know why people feel like they should share these stories and cause me anymore nervousness or anxiety over everything. I have had a very healthy pregnancy and have 3 very healthy little guys wiggling around in me right now, and I intend to finish my pregnancy in a healthy way and have a horror-free c-section and have three healthy babies wiggling around in my arms!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recent developments/news

I had my last appointment in Denver yesterday!

The babies are very healthy, A weighs 2lbs 10oz, B is 3lbs even and C is 3lbs 3oz. They all have healthy little hearts, kidneys, livers, etc.

Me, on the other hand, am high risk for toxemia. The doctor put me on bedrest, and said if the doctors here have any concerns about that developing I will probably end up on hospital bedrest, so I am being a very good patient/mama and staying off my feet and trying to stay relaxed 24/7.
The reason the doctor was concerned about toxemia is that last week I went in because I was in a lot of pain, and the doctors here found small traces of protein in my urine, and because yesterday he noticed that in one of the placentas (the one with A and B) had calcium in it, which he said means the placenta is aged more than it should be.
All in all, the doctor thinks there is no reason I shouldn't make it full term with these guys, so they will be born happy and healthy. Now for everyone's favorite part... PICTURES!

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Few Notes from Natalie

I would really like to thank everyone who sent mail and made an attempt to be involved in Bonnie's baby shower. A special thanks to: Aunt Kim and Cousin Shelby, Gramma G, Mom, and Isaac for being there, cooking a counter-ful of party snacks, and helping me put up streamers and decorations. I was a little sad at first that almost everyone who RSVP'ed their definite presence didn't show up. Aunt Kim drove 20 hours on Thanksgiving (20 hours!) and still made the short trip to my parent's house to play shower games and eat snacks the next day. Thanks for the great brownie candies, Kim! Aunt Kim and Cousin Shelby were great.

I tried not to feel too discouraged that some of our invited guests didn't come, and would still like to thank everyone who sent beautiful letters and very useful gift cards to Bonnie and Ben. We realize that our invitees who live far across the country wouldn't be able to make it, but we still sent invites as a show of our love for those people; we hope you still felt included in this growing family!

We hope that word got around to those of you whose invites were sent back to me. When you're licking, stamping and addressing dozens and dozens of envelopes, and getting addresses over the phone, it's a difficult task to keep everything accurate!

I must say that my sister was positively glowing. Her maternal instincts and mannerisms are at an all-time high. She's low on mood-swings, and high on patience, kindness, and being at peace with those around her. In my opinion, all of those are wonderful qualities to bring into motherhood! I'm also pleased to note that with pregnancy, she has a new-found love of chocolate. Maybe once those babies are out, I'll finally have a companion to join me in satisfying my sweet tooth!

Time with Bonnie and some of the women in our family was far too brief. I miss my sister so much already! I can't wait to see her again, and maybe when that happens, hold the strong little guys who are growing inside that baby oven! I got to feel them kick, and for having such cramped space, and being so tiny, they are SO STRONG! I'm excited for three athletic nephews. I dream one day of taking them on hiking and camping trips. What a blast!

Thank you again to those who have sent and shown support!

Love and Thanks,


P.S. We got some fantastic pictures of gift-opening and baby games. Stay tuned, I hope to have those up sooner than later!

Friday, November 14, 2008

26 weeks!

I am 26 weeks today! I had a doctor's appointment this past Wednesday, they did the glucose test, and said my sugar was high so I am going back Monday to get the 3 hour test done! I am extremely thankful that on Monday I don't have to drink any more of that glucose drink. It didn't taste what I expected it to taste like, but I still had to force myself to get it all down in the five minutes I had to drink it in.
The babies are looking good, they all have good heartbeats. And they all like to kick and twist and turn and move in whatever ways they can, and their favorite times to be extremely active are the times I am trying to get to sleep. They also get really active during bath time. It's cute, their movement actually makes little ripples in the water now.
I have gained about 40 lbs during my pregnancy, and still have some gaining to do. I now weigh 162.5 lbs. Ben is excited because I weigh almost the same as him right now. I am also now measuring at 35 weeks, and of course, with the big baby belly I have (finally) gained some stretch marks. I am still moisturizing my belly and using everything that is suppose to minimize the appearance of the marks, but with triplets, I've decided that they are inevitable. Although I don't really mind them so much. Probably because they are on the lower part of my belly which I can't see. I also think that stretch marks are in a way, a very beautiful part of being pregnant. They show that your baby, or babies (whatever the case may be) are growing and developing.
Anyway, I still have 7 weeks until they would be able to safely deliver the babies here in Scottsbluff. But that number seems so much smaller now and so much more possible. It's hard to believe that I could potentially have these boys so soon! However, I hope I carry them closer to 40 weeks. I also hope they won't have to spend any time in the NICU. I hope they are able to come home from the hospital with me, and i hope they are all healthy, wiggly, snuggly little babies!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

new pictures!

Ben and I had maternity pictures done. We haven't seen them yet, we are going to sometime this week! I'm very excited to see how they turned out.

I had an appointment to see the growth of the boys yesterday in Denver. All of the boys are growing and doing fine! They checked the fluid of A and B, since they share a placenta, and they both have the exact same amount of fluid! Baby A weighs 1 lb and 5 oz, Baby B weighs 1 lb and 6 oz and Baby C weighs 1 lb and 11 oz!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Baby Shower Update

Hey hey, everyone! It's Natalie, the sister, aunt, and Baby Shower Host extraordinaire!

I just want to let everyone know that I have sent out dozens and dozens of shower invites. I've had to scrape together addresses from my parents, my sister, Ben, and whitepages.com. Unfortunately, some of these invites have come back in the mail because addresses were inaccurate. It's really frustrating.

I would like to make it public that if you're reading this, wondering why you didn't get an invite, you probably did, it just got sent back to me. If you would like an invite to the shower, please e-mail me at natalie.giguere@gmail.com ASAP! The shower date is on the horizon!

Also, if you did get your invite, please RSVP to me. You can text if you're shy. :) I promise I won't bite. I would love those RSVPs, they help the planning process out so much.

If you got an invite, you got a small typed letter in it with registry information. You can look that registry up online at Target.com using the name "Bonnie Graham" (the one in Nebraska) or the registry ID number. You can shop directly from the registry online or print it up and take it to a Target with you. When you go through the register, have them ring up the barcode on the print out. This way, the registry will update with gifts that have already been purchased so people don't double-gift something by accident. If you can't print it out and aren't sure, gift receipts are helpful.

I am so excited to see my sister over Thanksgiving. I've seen pictures and that baby oven is getting huge. Only my sister would get a bigger belly while all the rest of her (hands, feet, bottom, arms, etc) remain petite. Pregnant with triplets and not a stretch mark to speak of. How many pregnant women and mothers are jealous? I'm sure I will be once it's my turn!

If you are coming to the shower and would like to get involved, give me a ring! My number is on the invite, or you can get it from Bonnie or our parents.

Great Thanks and Much Love,


Thursday, October 16, 2008

21 weeks, 6 days

Today I am 21 weeks and 6 days, and I just got home from a doctor appointment. They are still very impressed with my progress. My last appointment 2 weeks ago they did a full anatomy scan of all the babies, and they weighed 10 oz, 11 oz and 13 oz. Since I have been pregnant I have gained 25 lbs. They didn't print off any new ultrasound pictures today, but the babies are visibly bigger than they were two weeks ago. Next time I meet with a doctor will be November 13 and they will be doing the screening for gestational diabetes. I got to bring home my bottle of glucose drink today so I have it to drink before I go in on the 13th. I have to say, that stuff doesn't even look appealing.
I'm getting rather big, although people who have had multiples still say I look tiny. I certainly don't feel tiny when I have a snug fit in the bathtub these days. The babies are kicking like crazy now too! While I was in the exam room waiting on the doctor today, I was watching my stomach jump all over the place while the babies were kicking.
I'm getting some pretty extreme heartburn so the doctor prescribed me...(sorry, trying to read the prescription)...Protonix? Which I guess is a stronger form of Prilosec.. The doctor said the insurance may not want to pay for it because they may not think it's necessary. Which at the moment I am trying to get everything transferred between insurance companies and it's all a mess, so I think I might see if I can hold off on filling this so there won't be any extra issues with the insurance.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pregnant belly pictures

This is me at 19 weeks!

This is my tummy today, at 20 weeks and 4 days!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

19 weeks, 6 days-October 2nd

Sorry to not post sooner, but we were having some computer/printer/scanner issues. I had my last appointment on Thursday and the doctors are very impressed about how well I am carrying triplets and how well all of the babies are developing. In fact, and I could be wrong on this, but from what I gathered from all the medical terminology, the doctors seem to think the babies are about 4 weeks ahead of where they were expected to be at this point, developmentally. All three boys are wiggle worms, and sometimes make it difficult for the technicians who do the ultrasounds to get everything they need in one shot, but it is so fun to watch them move around during the ultrasounds. The ultrasound they did Thursday, and that will be done again in Denver tomorrow, are the full anatomy ultrasounds where they check the growth and development of each baby individually. These ultrasounds are getting VERY uncomfortable. Laying on my back for extended periods of time make me feel queasy and gross. During my last ultrasound they had to stop half-way through and get me ice water and let me lay on my side until I felt less like getting sick everywhere. They also ended up having to do the second half of the ultrasound with me laying on my side. I think my belly button is about to the point where it's going to be popping out any time now. I have also noticed, just today in fact, that my belly button has a reddish-purplish triangle above it sometimes. I'm not sure what that is, but I suppose I can ask the doctors in Denver tomorrow. I will try to get pregnant Bonnie pictures up soon. And I am very pleased to report that as of now, I still don't have any stretch marks!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

18 weeks, 5 days

Went to the doctor today to have my weekly ultrasounds. Everything still looks good. Babies aren't taking blood that isn't theirs. Ya know, I am really proud of my boys, already they seem to be very good at sharing. Also, they care about their health. This morning as the technician was moving the probe around my belly, I got to peek in on my little ones, and one looked like it was doing sit-ups, it's tiny little hands were up behind his head and he looked like he was doing the motion of sit-ups.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3rd set of ultrasound pictures

Doctor's appointment went fine today, they took 7 more pictures of the babies. Four of them are in 4-D and look amazing! Here are the pictures...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New "news"

Mommy writing for the second time!

I got a call from the women's center today, and they want to closely monitor me. So I will be going in for ultrasounds EVERY WEEK! Ben and I are getting settled into our new place, we just got our internet up yesterday, and I should have my scanner set up really soon, so I'm hoping to put ultrasound pictures up every week, that way everyone can see how the boys are growing.

Moving in was semi-hectic. Our first night in the new place we didn't have a bed, so we ended up sleeping on comforters over a sleeping bag on the floor. I slept great, I don't think I can say the same for Ben. And since I can't work through the pregnancy, I've dedicated myself to being quite the little housewife. In addition to all the care I'm taking to keep the boys all safe and well, I'm also getting good at having dinner ready right about when Ben gets home from work, I'm keeping up on all the dishes, laundry, and other household chores. I even pack lunches for Ben to take to work with him. It's pretty fun, actually, and I see it as a way to practice before there are three little ones to play with and feed every few hours.

The only room we don't quite have set up yet is the baby room. As much stuff as we both got rid of before moving, we still have a lot of stuff, and what we don't have room for anywhere else is hanging out in there until we figure out what to do with it all.

That's basically all that is going on here right now. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for ultrasounds, and I will post any news or information the doctor's give me tomorrow!

Now Featuring...

You may notice that I've added some features to this blog! There is a permanent donation button on the left.

You'll also find that you can subscribe to this blog. Just click on that link, and you'll get updates automatically any time a new entry is posted. You can do the same for comments.

And finally, now anyone can post a comment, not just google members. You can post anonymously, or sign your name...whatever strikes your fancy!

Hopefully this is now more user friendly!



Monday, September 15, 2008

Beautiful Bonnie

Here's the only pregnant picture I have of Bonnie, at 13 weeks...

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Growing Nephews

Three Olympic athletes in the making...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three Bottoms to Wipe

As the only sister to Bonnie, I get to head up all baby shower festivities! I have just started a registry list...I will edit it somewhat now that we know the genders. It's a basic idea of course. Please take a look at it. Shower invites will be sent soon!

Bonnie's Baby Registry

If for some reason this doesn't take you directly to her registry, you can look it up. The registry number is 74865943

You will notice that our family is spreading the word about g-diapers. You may have heard my mom, myself, or my sister talking about them. That's because it's the diaper wish for this shower. They will be easier to keep up with, create less mess, and be easy to change and clean (when necessary). She'll be able to order refills online when she runs low, which will be one less errand for her, and they'll be affordable in the long run.

With three little bottoms to wipe all the time, she's going to need all the convenience of those refill packs she can get!

There are lots of gDiapers products on the registry site, however, you may also buy them directly from the gDiapers website.


Thanks and love,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You've Got Some 'Splainin To Do!

So, I hear that my sister saw her boys when she was in Denver. She got to see fingers, toes, and boy parts.

Now, what I don't understand, is why she hasn't shared updated pictures of my nephews with me and everyone else.

Note to Bonnie: I think you should get on that. Don't worry, when they get older, I promise not to tell them that their mama posted pictures of them and their boy parts on the internet.

In other news, one of the people who was reading this blog, Isaac, told me that finding the donation link was really difficult, that it was hard to see. He said I should make it bigger or more obvious. So here goes, another link to the same donation page...

Pay Pal Donation Page

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This just in!!

Mommy is writing today! I had my first appointment in Denver yesterday, it was a very long day. First, we got lost on the way to the hospital, and after spending 3.5 hours in a car, we were all pretty irritable, but we did finally find our way to St. Luke's hospital, which is really close to the Denver Zoo!

The doctor's appointment went very well, they did ultrasounds to check all the anatomy of all three babies. We got to see 30 tiny fingers and 30 tiny toes, the babies are all very well developed, they all have very well developed spines, are producing spinal fluid, and all have very defined BOY PARTS! Yep, we are having three boys! So we are, of course, excited to be football, hockey, babeball, or whatever else the boys are interested in... fans! Although, with 3 boys, I don't know if our Subaru legacy will be the best family car. Ben couldn't be happier that he's daddy to 3 boys. He has dreams of having 3 super smart, super talented NFL starters!

And already, the boys are acting like boys. As we watched the screen during the ultrasound, they boys were all kicking each other. Thankfully, the two boys that are sharing a placenta are feet to feet, and the third is above them, but not in a position where he can kick anyone in the head! All three seem to be wiggle worms, so I know they will be fun to keep up with when they are out of the womb and mobile! The doctors at St. Luke's were also very encouraging! They say the two things they are looking out for now are the thinning of my uterus, and they are looking to make sure the two in the same placenta don't end up sharing blood, as in one doesn't give his brother all his blood. Based on the picutres and everything yesterday, my uterus looks good. The doctor's think there is only a 10% chance of one of the boys giving their blood to the other, which is encouraging. But they want both of those things checked every couple weeks.

I would also like to thank everyone who has donated to the paypal account. It is very much appriciated, not only by Ben and I, but also by our three boys! Also, we appriciate all the kind and encouraging comments, emails and messages! And since, of course I am a girl, and only had a sister growing up, if any of you have any advice about raising boys, that would also be extremely appriciated!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Introducing Baby 1, Baby 2 and Baby 3

Ladies and Gentleman,

Already we have received a few e-mails, facebook replies, phone calls and a blog comment that have been very supportive. Thank you. It's just been a day and I already have such a good feeling about the kind people out there who are showing such kindness to my sister.

In today's blog, I'd like to share a few things with you. The first is a few pictures of my nieces/nephews. Ta da!...

If you are willing and able to help my sister, any help and encouragement is being accepted with the deepest gratitude. One of my residents during my RA year in college, Rachel, has already talked to several families she has nannied for and has those families donating baby clothes they no longer need, and one family even has a resource to help my sister cover the cost of diapers and formula for three months. It is such a blessing to my sister and our family, our gratitude can hardly be expressed.

I have set up a Pay Pal account to make donations to my sister. Initially, I was going to use it to help her myself, once I got a job and on my feet in this new town, but it occurred to me that others could use this as well. After discussing it with several friends, they all thought it was a great idea and that I should go for it.

If you would like to help my sister by making a donation, you can click on the link below and make a direct payment with a debit or credit card.

Pay Pal Donation Page

Thanks and Love,


Friday, September 5, 2008

Bonnie and Her Babies

Welcome to Bonnie's pregnancy and baby blog! This blog will be maintained by Bonnie and Natalie, her oldest sister (that's who's writing right now) since, as you can imagine, growing three babies and raising them is busy business and blogging might not always be a first priority!

Bonnie will be blogging as well, but this project was my idea so I'm doing what I can to get it off the ground.

So, let me tell you the story of my sister making me an aunt, and giving my parents their first grandchildren...

I was shopping with my boyfriend's sister, Alicia, when my sister called me. She said she wanted to share some news, that she was engaged. Engaged! I was surprised, it was big news. But I knew that she and Ben had been discussing marriage for a little while , so I wasn't in shock about it. Then she said that she had another piece of news for me (now, I know that YOU know where this is going, but at the time I figured she was going to tell me something about wedding plans or ask me to be her Maid of Honor). She announced that in February, I would be an aunt. NOW I was floored.

Her pregnancy has started of with a lot of morning sickness. It's been about three times as intense as the morning sickness of most women in our family. She's had a lot of back pain, and has definitely had her share of mood swings. That aside, her hair is growing in thicker, her skin is glowing, and she's been developing the breasts of a goddess. All in all, I'd say she's about as gorgeous as a pregnant woman could get.

Unfortuntately, even pretty pregnant women don't always have it easy. Bonnie had to leave her job at the bakery because her boss could not compromise on having Bonnie deal with commercial cleaning chemicals, or not being able to lift heavy loads of flour, sugar, and chemicals up and down stairs. She was hired with an insurance company, but her morning sickness was giving her difficulties with work performance.

At about week 13, doctors said the thought she was a little further along and scheduled an ultrasound for week 14 to check. Though she was still losing weight from morning sickness, the baby's heart beat and the swelling of her abdomen seemed unusually advanced for 13 weeks. I was going to go, but had plans to pick up my boyfriend's other sister, Madeline, from the airport and spend the day with her.

While Madeline and I were having coffee and, speak of the devil, talking about my sister and her babies, Bonnie called me. "Are you sitting down?" Immediately my heart sank, and I was worried.

"Yeah, I'm just sitting in Fort Collins right now with Madeline. We're having coffee. What's wrong? Is everything ok?" I asked.

"Yes, just...promise you're sitting down...and not driving either. You're not driving?" She sounded very serious, and I knew she wouldn't spill the news until she was sure I was seated.

"Ok, I'm sitting. I'm not driving. Is everything ok? What's going on?"

"I'm having triplets."

(Long pause. Feeling of shock)

"Seriously? You're lying to me. Are you lying to me?"

"No. I'm really having triplets."

After several accusations of her pulling my chain, I believed her. Then proceeded to beg her to name one after me for a few minutes. Then told Madeline, who got so excited she called her entire family. It was a very happy moment.

Since then things have had their ups and their downs. She has to file for medicaid to cover insurance costs, and has to have a quick wedding to file properly. She is a high-risk pregnancy right now, and the doctors she is seeing where she lives in Nebraska can only do so much. They are sending her to a specialist in Denver each month, which is also where she will be having a C-Section.

Unfortunately, the way medicaid works is that it covers you for treatment only in the state that you live in. So, when she does her check-ups in Nebraska, she will be covered. However, every time she has to cross a state line to get the appropriate medical attention her pregnancy requires, she will not be covered by insurance.

At week 16, she has only gained 2 pounds since the very beginning of her pregnancy. This, the doctors say, is probably closely tied with her stress level. Our family, is, of course, trying to do everything we can to help her. Although my dad's work benefits contract strictly states that my sister is not eligible to be covered under his insurance, he is hoping that upon talking with them, they can come up with a compromise to help her through the end of this year. That leaves two months of pregnancy with no coverage every time she is in Denver.

We have started this blog to keep family informed, and to build a network of support for Bonnie and her children as early on as we could think to do so. We ask for your prayers, your positive and uplifting thoughts, your encouragement, and any creative support you can offer. We would love to hear back from this network through the e-mail we have created that is also directly linked to this blog. To e-mail my sister or the family, please e-mail bonnie.triplets@gmail.com

Great thanks and much love,