Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Baby Shower Update

Hey hey, everyone! It's Natalie, the sister, aunt, and Baby Shower Host extraordinaire!

I just want to let everyone know that I have sent out dozens and dozens of shower invites. I've had to scrape together addresses from my parents, my sister, Ben, and Unfortunately, some of these invites have come back in the mail because addresses were inaccurate. It's really frustrating.

I would like to make it public that if you're reading this, wondering why you didn't get an invite, you probably did, it just got sent back to me. If you would like an invite to the shower, please e-mail me at ASAP! The shower date is on the horizon!

Also, if you did get your invite, please RSVP to me. You can text if you're shy. :) I promise I won't bite. I would love those RSVPs, they help the planning process out so much.

If you got an invite, you got a small typed letter in it with registry information. You can look that registry up online at using the name "Bonnie Graham" (the one in Nebraska) or the registry ID number. You can shop directly from the registry online or print it up and take it to a Target with you. When you go through the register, have them ring up the barcode on the print out. This way, the registry will update with gifts that have already been purchased so people don't double-gift something by accident. If you can't print it out and aren't sure, gift receipts are helpful.

I am so excited to see my sister over Thanksgiving. I've seen pictures and that baby oven is getting huge. Only my sister would get a bigger belly while all the rest of her (hands, feet, bottom, arms, etc) remain petite. Pregnant with triplets and not a stretch mark to speak of. How many pregnant women and mothers are jealous? I'm sure I will be once it's my turn!

If you are coming to the shower and would like to get involved, give me a ring! My number is on the invite, or you can get it from Bonnie or our parents.

Great Thanks and Much Love,



Anonymous said...

wait til that tummy goes down, then you'll se them :)

Natalie said...

I doubt that. You should see the women in my family shorty after they've given birth. Our family's female genes are something worth bragging about, to be sure. Pregnant and all. I'd be jealous if I was a pregnant woman outside of my family looking in. My sister is beautiful, and beauty like that doesn't falter.