Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Baby Shower Update

Hey hey, everyone! It's Natalie, the sister, aunt, and Baby Shower Host extraordinaire!

I just want to let everyone know that I have sent out dozens and dozens of shower invites. I've had to scrape together addresses from my parents, my sister, Ben, and Unfortunately, some of these invites have come back in the mail because addresses were inaccurate. It's really frustrating.

I would like to make it public that if you're reading this, wondering why you didn't get an invite, you probably did, it just got sent back to me. If you would like an invite to the shower, please e-mail me at ASAP! The shower date is on the horizon!

Also, if you did get your invite, please RSVP to me. You can text if you're shy. :) I promise I won't bite. I would love those RSVPs, they help the planning process out so much.

If you got an invite, you got a small typed letter in it with registry information. You can look that registry up online at using the name "Bonnie Graham" (the one in Nebraska) or the registry ID number. You can shop directly from the registry online or print it up and take it to a Target with you. When you go through the register, have them ring up the barcode on the print out. This way, the registry will update with gifts that have already been purchased so people don't double-gift something by accident. If you can't print it out and aren't sure, gift receipts are helpful.

I am so excited to see my sister over Thanksgiving. I've seen pictures and that baby oven is getting huge. Only my sister would get a bigger belly while all the rest of her (hands, feet, bottom, arms, etc) remain petite. Pregnant with triplets and not a stretch mark to speak of. How many pregnant women and mothers are jealous? I'm sure I will be once it's my turn!

If you are coming to the shower and would like to get involved, give me a ring! My number is on the invite, or you can get it from Bonnie or our parents.

Great Thanks and Much Love,


Thursday, October 16, 2008

21 weeks, 6 days

Today I am 21 weeks and 6 days, and I just got home from a doctor appointment. They are still very impressed with my progress. My last appointment 2 weeks ago they did a full anatomy scan of all the babies, and they weighed 10 oz, 11 oz and 13 oz. Since I have been pregnant I have gained 25 lbs. They didn't print off any new ultrasound pictures today, but the babies are visibly bigger than they were two weeks ago. Next time I meet with a doctor will be November 13 and they will be doing the screening for gestational diabetes. I got to bring home my bottle of glucose drink today so I have it to drink before I go in on the 13th. I have to say, that stuff doesn't even look appealing.
I'm getting rather big, although people who have had multiples still say I look tiny. I certainly don't feel tiny when I have a snug fit in the bathtub these days. The babies are kicking like crazy now too! While I was in the exam room waiting on the doctor today, I was watching my stomach jump all over the place while the babies were kicking.
I'm getting some pretty extreme heartburn so the doctor prescribed me...(sorry, trying to read the prescription)...Protonix? Which I guess is a stronger form of Prilosec.. The doctor said the insurance may not want to pay for it because they may not think it's necessary. Which at the moment I am trying to get everything transferred between insurance companies and it's all a mess, so I think I might see if I can hold off on filling this so there won't be any extra issues with the insurance.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pregnant belly pictures

This is me at 19 weeks!

This is my tummy today, at 20 weeks and 4 days!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

19 weeks, 6 days-October 2nd

Sorry to not post sooner, but we were having some computer/printer/scanner issues. I had my last appointment on Thursday and the doctors are very impressed about how well I am carrying triplets and how well all of the babies are developing. In fact, and I could be wrong on this, but from what I gathered from all the medical terminology, the doctors seem to think the babies are about 4 weeks ahead of where they were expected to be at this point, developmentally. All three boys are wiggle worms, and sometimes make it difficult for the technicians who do the ultrasounds to get everything they need in one shot, but it is so fun to watch them move around during the ultrasounds. The ultrasound they did Thursday, and that will be done again in Denver tomorrow, are the full anatomy ultrasounds where they check the growth and development of each baby individually. These ultrasounds are getting VERY uncomfortable. Laying on my back for extended periods of time make me feel queasy and gross. During my last ultrasound they had to stop half-way through and get me ice water and let me lay on my side until I felt less like getting sick everywhere. They also ended up having to do the second half of the ultrasound with me laying on my side. I think my belly button is about to the point where it's going to be popping out any time now. I have also noticed, just today in fact, that my belly button has a reddish-purplish triangle above it sometimes. I'm not sure what that is, but I suppose I can ask the doctors in Denver tomorrow. I will try to get pregnant Bonnie pictures up soon. And I am very pleased to report that as of now, I still don't have any stretch marks!