Friday, November 14, 2008

26 weeks!

I am 26 weeks today! I had a doctor's appointment this past Wednesday, they did the glucose test, and said my sugar was high so I am going back Monday to get the 3 hour test done! I am extremely thankful that on Monday I don't have to drink any more of that glucose drink. It didn't taste what I expected it to taste like, but I still had to force myself to get it all down in the five minutes I had to drink it in.
The babies are looking good, they all have good heartbeats. And they all like to kick and twist and turn and move in whatever ways they can, and their favorite times to be extremely active are the times I am trying to get to sleep. They also get really active during bath time. It's cute, their movement actually makes little ripples in the water now.
I have gained about 40 lbs during my pregnancy, and still have some gaining to do. I now weigh 162.5 lbs. Ben is excited because I weigh almost the same as him right now. I am also now measuring at 35 weeks, and of course, with the big baby belly I have (finally) gained some stretch marks. I am still moisturizing my belly and using everything that is suppose to minimize the appearance of the marks, but with triplets, I've decided that they are inevitable. Although I don't really mind them so much. Probably because they are on the lower part of my belly which I can't see. I also think that stretch marks are in a way, a very beautiful part of being pregnant. They show that your baby, or babies (whatever the case may be) are growing and developing.
Anyway, I still have 7 weeks until they would be able to safely deliver the babies here in Scottsbluff. But that number seems so much smaller now and so much more possible. It's hard to believe that I could potentially have these boys so soon! However, I hope I carry them closer to 40 weeks. I also hope they won't have to spend any time in the NICU. I hope they are able to come home from the hospital with me, and i hope they are all healthy, wiggly, snuggly little babies!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

new pictures!

Ben and I had maternity pictures done. We haven't seen them yet, we are going to sometime this week! I'm very excited to see how they turned out.

I had an appointment to see the growth of the boys yesterday in Denver. All of the boys are growing and doing fine! They checked the fluid of A and B, since they share a placenta, and they both have the exact same amount of fluid! Baby A weighs 1 lb and 5 oz, Baby B weighs 1 lb and 6 oz and Baby C weighs 1 lb and 11 oz!