Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"How'd I get in here...?"

I think it's time for toddler beds. A couple weeks ago, Ben and I were sitting on the couch watching tv while the boys were napping. It was about time for them to get up, and we hear a loud thud, we both go running to the boys room to see Owen crawling around on the floor... clearly not in his crib...
To help protect him if he decided to do that again, our quick solution was to pile pillows around the outside of his crib so that if he did it again, at least he'd have a softer landing. He hasn't done it since, but....

Yesterday I hear the boys in their cribs laughing and laughing and having a great time, then *thud.* followed by screaming and crying. I go in expecting to see Owen on the floor and was surprised to find that Marcus had flipped out of his crib. And right into Owen's crib!!! I felt bad for both Owen and Marcus, they were looking at each other like, "What just happened?" but I couldn't help laughing. So I get Marcus and Owen calmed down, and put Marcus back in his crib. Then from the kitchen I hear Marcus crying, he didn't want to nap, then I hear a thud and then all the boys laughing. Sure enough, Marcus had done it again!

I told Natalie about all the crib excitement, and she and Isaac were so kind as to buy the boys toddler beds! I'm looking forward to getting them up in the room. At least with beds they can go visit each other by walking instead of flipping/jumping around their room!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A much needed break!

Recently the boys have been acting very jealous of each other. The fights are really getting unnerving. From a young age we've been teaching them about sharing and taking turns, but they want what they want when they want it. Whether they want a toy a brother has or want attention. And in true toddler fashion, they don't know they want something until a brother has it!

However, last week Ben and I got a break from the bickering! My sister Natalie got married to a great guy, Isaac! My grandparents offered to take the boys so Ben and I could go to Oregon for a few days for the wedding! It was AMAZING! We got in late Thursday night, my sister, Isaac and his sister Madeline picked us up from the airport and we went straight to the hotel. The next morning Ben and I got up, caught up with other family at breakfast, then went for a walk and picked wild blackberries! Then we went to the farm where Isaac's family lives and where the wedding was. We got a tour of the farm which was beautiful! Ben and I then went with my dad to pick up a family friend from the airport and then had lunch at Edgefield... which I believe is a micro-brewery. Yummy! From there we went back to the farm and helped in getting things ready for the big day. I met so many more members of Isaac's family. They were all such warm, welcoming people! Then we had the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. You haven't eaten until you've tried Karl Schaefer's food. I know he was a highly acclaimed chef. We ate the best steaks I've ever eaten, even the salad seemed like it had to be the best salad on earth! Ben and I sat with the lovely Sarah Tunstall, the wedding photographer and a fellow NCCS graduate, and her fiancé Travis! It was good times catching up with her, and Ben and Travis had so much to talk about! It was great! After the dinner, we eventually found ourselves back at the hotel. The next morning we woke up at 5AM!! We wanted to make the two hour trip to the coast! It was so worth the early rising and two hour drive! And it was worth missing manicures with Natalie (Sorry, Nats!. Ben had never seen the ocean before, so it was pretty special. We went to Cannon Beach, which I later found out was where they filmed The Goonies! How freakin' cool! It was cold, but it was beautiful. We even got fresh seafood! At 9:30 in the morning... yeah.. I know, weird! But it was the only time we had on our trip to get fresh seafood right by the beach. After the beach, I met up with Natalie, Alica and Madeline to get the hair and make-up going. And then, it was time for my sister to get tie the knot! It was a beautiful ceremony, and every emotional, of course Natalie and Isaac's dog, Dax, provided the comic relief! Then, I thought the food for the rehearsal dinner was good.... the smoked salmon, wild rice, salad and ratatoullie was so great. I don't know how many times I proclaimed my love for food. And the wine at the reception was made only two miles from the farm! So Good! The reception was great, the toasts were emotional, but lovely, and while I missed my babies the whole time, I'd call and they were having fun on their own vacation. And the break from my little guys was much needed. We came home the morning after the wedding, and I couldn't wait to get lots of kisses from my guys. We've been enjoying being back home, but we miss Oregon, and definitely want to get back there, hopefully next time, with the boys! I know the boys would love it! The weather there is so wonderfully mild! I don't think I was really pestered by any bugs! But nothing beats being Mommy again.

The first two days back, the boys were just as sweet and wonderful as can be, and today the jealously has been back in full swing!