Friday, June 10, 2011

And the rest is history..

Mommyfriend is my inspiration for this post! It's for Project Marriage! So here it is, the story of B and I.

I grew up in suburban Atl, and decided to move to WYOMING of all places to go to college. Well, then I moved to Western Nebraska, which was nice because a lot of my extended family live out here. I was hanging out with my cousin, Katie, and her then boyfriend, Ben. I went to get her from work one day so we could have lunch together, and I was telling her about some thing that I can't remember, but seemed really important at the time. She and I walked through the back so she could clock out, and she introduced me to some of her co-workers, I was wrapped up in my own drama or whatever, so didn't really pay attention to the introductions (whoops!). Not too long after, I was at a party at her house, and one of her co-workers was following me around, being super flirty and making me extremely uncomfortable. He asked for my number. I didn't want to flat out say no, so I told him that since I never called myself, I didn't know my number, if he wanted it, he had to ask Katie. I then instructed her to please not give him my number. So after that, she asked if she could give her friend, Ben, my number. I was confused, since the only Ben I knew of that she knew was her boyfriend, she told me I met him when I was at her work.. the introductions I paid no attention to. I wasn't really comfortable with the idea of her giving my number to any of the guys she worked with after the guy at her party was so creepy, but I eventually gave in and told her she could give him my number.
We started texting. And flirting. And eventually we made plans to hang out. I showed up, he didn't. I was annoyed but really kind of liked this guy, so figured I'd give him another chance. We made plans, I showed up, he didn't. This happened a few times. I had really hurt feelings, and was ready to just write him off, but decided I would torture myself and give him one last chance. This time was different, we were meeting at his place and from there would go hiking. So we went hiking with his roommate and his roomie's girlfriend. It was rainy and muddy, but fun. Not too far into the hike his roommate twisted his ankle so he and his girlfriend went back to the truck while B and I continued hiking. The thing I remember most about that first time hanging out was that we were going down this steep drop, and I decided I'd lead the way, B slipped on some rocks and fell down the drop and landed on me. We had a good laugh about that. After we got back to the truck the roomie and his girl decided we'd all go out to eat. I was covered in mud, but out to eat we went. B and I continued to hang out a lot but it wasn't until months later he officially asked me to be his girlfriend.
Not long after making our relationship "official" we were sitting in his jeep after his night class, and I bought him a little stuffed pig and gave it to him, he looked at me and said, "I love..... your hair!" He later admitted that he almost slipped and told me he loved me, but as it was coming out of his mouth, he thought it might be too soon to say he loved me. The next week, we were hanging out at my place having the "I like you more" cutesy pukey argument, and I accidentally let "I love you more" slip out instead of "I like you more" and then I tried to cover it up by saying that I was thinking about my dog and I really love me dog, and I was thinking about him because I heard him in the laundry room.. ect. The first time we intentionally exchanged the "I love yous" was on post it notes.
A year later we were married with triplets on the way. And the rest is history..