Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three Bottoms to Wipe

As the only sister to Bonnie, I get to head up all baby shower festivities! I have just started a registry list...I will edit it somewhat now that we know the genders. It's a basic idea of course. Please take a look at it. Shower invites will be sent soon!

Bonnie's Baby Registry

If for some reason this doesn't take you directly to her registry, you can look it up. The registry number is 74865943

You will notice that our family is spreading the word about g-diapers. You may have heard my mom, myself, or my sister talking about them. That's because it's the diaper wish for this shower. They will be easier to keep up with, create less mess, and be easy to change and clean (when necessary). She'll be able to order refills online when she runs low, which will be one less errand for her, and they'll be affordable in the long run.

With three little bottoms to wipe all the time, she's going to need all the convenience of those refill packs she can get!

There are lots of gDiapers products on the registry site, however, you may also buy them directly from the gDiapers website.


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