Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This just in!!

Mommy is writing today! I had my first appointment in Denver yesterday, it was a very long day. First, we got lost on the way to the hospital, and after spending 3.5 hours in a car, we were all pretty irritable, but we did finally find our way to St. Luke's hospital, which is really close to the Denver Zoo!

The doctor's appointment went very well, they did ultrasounds to check all the anatomy of all three babies. We got to see 30 tiny fingers and 30 tiny toes, the babies are all very well developed, they all have very well developed spines, are producing spinal fluid, and all have very defined BOY PARTS! Yep, we are having three boys! So we are, of course, excited to be football, hockey, babeball, or whatever else the boys are interested in... fans! Although, with 3 boys, I don't know if our Subaru legacy will be the best family car. Ben couldn't be happier that he's daddy to 3 boys. He has dreams of having 3 super smart, super talented NFL starters!

And already, the boys are acting like boys. As we watched the screen during the ultrasound, they boys were all kicking each other. Thankfully, the two boys that are sharing a placenta are feet to feet, and the third is above them, but not in a position where he can kick anyone in the head! All three seem to be wiggle worms, so I know they will be fun to keep up with when they are out of the womb and mobile! The doctors at St. Luke's were also very encouraging! They say the two things they are looking out for now are the thinning of my uterus, and they are looking to make sure the two in the same placenta don't end up sharing blood, as in one doesn't give his brother all his blood. Based on the picutres and everything yesterday, my uterus looks good. The doctor's think there is only a 10% chance of one of the boys giving their blood to the other, which is encouraging. But they want both of those things checked every couple weeks.

I would also like to thank everyone who has donated to the paypal account. It is very much appriciated, not only by Ben and I, but also by our three boys! Also, we appriciate all the kind and encouraging comments, emails and messages! And since, of course I am a girl, and only had a sister growing up, if any of you have any advice about raising boys, that would also be extremely appriciated!

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Katie K said...

Bonnie! I love hearing you talk about your boys!! I'm so excited for you and it sounds like you'll be the perfect mother to them. And you are so blessed (as are your boys) to have such an excited father and a supportive network of family and friends. I wish you all the best!