Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We're getting close now!!

I haven't updated in 20 days. I didn't feel like there was much new news to update on.
I had a doctor appointment today, and we have scheduled my c-section for January 28! Let's just hope I don't go into labor before then! The boys are all looking good and are still constantly growing. My tummy is now so large and round, that even including maternity clothes, I only have about 2 shirts that entirely cover it. That doesn't matter much to me, though, being on bedrest, I have indulged in having an excuse to live in warm, comfy, soft pajamas!!

The boys had a very good Christmas! They got to sop up all the yumminess of pot roast, Christmas turkey, and venison! Not to mention cider and candy canes. They even got presents, although it was exceedingly hard for them to open the gifts themselves (being in the womb and all) Ben and I opened them. They got lots more little stuffed animals! Ben and I's small apartment is over-flowing with baby things, which we don't mind so much. We are looking forward to meeting these little guys in person, and want to make sure they have anything they could possibly need. We even almost have all the baby stuff put away (even though we had to be creative with some space issues) and we are almost finished with the baby room! I may, in this last month of pregnancy, even get around to getting their curtains made.

And of course any well-wishes, prayers, or words of encouragement are always welcome. If you feel compelled to tell any delivery/pregnancy/c-section type of horror stories, please refrain until AFTER the babies are born. I have noticed that everytime I encounter a new person, when they find out I am having triplets, all I hear are horror stories about complicated multiple pregnancies/births. I honestly don't know why people feel like they should share these stories and cause me anymore nervousness or anxiety over everything. I have had a very healthy pregnancy and have 3 very healthy little guys wiggling around in me right now, and I intend to finish my pregnancy in a healthy way and have a horror-free c-section and have three healthy babies wiggling around in my arms!

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Katie K said...

Everything will go well! You have been a terrific mom-to-be, with lots of support from family and friends and daddy-to-be. There is no reason to expect that things will go poorly! Just remember that we're all sending out positive thoughts for you, and we'll be thinking of you on your big day!!! With so much love in your life you will overcome any challenge life throws at you. Sending my love and positive thoughts for a worry free end-of-pregnancy and c-section. :)