Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Terrible 2s. times 3.

Yep, that's right. The boys are entering that lovely stage we know as the Terrible Twos!
I literally can not get any chores done during the day unless Ben is home. The *second* I turn my back, they are tackling each other, into everything, trying to climb out windows, climbing up on the dinner table, shredding tissues or wipes or coloring books, pulling off all their clothes, etc. Also, the sound I listen to 90% of the day is an orchestra of whining and fussing. It's quite impressive really.
BUT, for all the chaos they create, there are still glimmering moments where they are angels. And sometimes, they're destroying things, but they really believe they are helping out, that I just can't be mad at them. Today for instance, I was doing dishes, or trying to and keep them off the table, and out of the windows, etc. I go back into the front room to peak on them, and they are pulling all the wipes out of the wipe pack, I'm getting ready to tell them how much trouble they are in, and stop when I notice the reason they are pulling ALL the wipes out. They were cleaning the floor! LOL! So yeah, now I have about a million wipes to pick up, that are basically unusable now, so I have to throw them out, but my floor is kind of clean.

I also am being very careful how I deal with their terrorism of our house. They have started being copy cats. They tell each other no, and sometimes will spank each other, because yes, when their behavior warrants it, Ben and I do spank our children. And I tell them they are grounded sometimes out of frustration, which means nothing since they aren't quite 2 yet. But I had to laugh, they know what being grounded means. I was getting them ready for bath time last night and Marcus looks up at me, points his little finger, and says in a stern toddler voice, "No! Gound! No fair!" (I guess he must have learned about the fair on some kid show, or maybe he was telling me I wasn't being fair?) Anyway, I decide to play along, and by the end of the conversation, not only could I not go to the fair, I wasn't even allowed to go to the store, not even if DADDY said it was ok! lol.

As nuts as they make me, and as much as they wear me out, I sure love those little critters!

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