Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm sooo tired.

Well, we survived the week with Ben working out of town. We didn't even run off to Grandma and Boppy's for the days he was gone. The three days he was gone, I'm guessing I got all of 12 hours of sleep. The boys were wonderful... up until half way through the second day of Daddy being gone. With their new freedom of not having to play in a play pen, they have really been testing their limits with Mommy.
For instance... Owen. He climbs up on EVERYTHING. He likes to climb up on the couch where he can reach the phone/remote table (which I also have a docking station for my iPod so we can listen to music) and then he throws everything to the floor. He makes me nervous because while on the couch, he likes to get rough and tumble and won't just sit there, I'm afraid he's going to throw himself over the side or something.
Then there is Ethan... He likes to climb too. While his daddy was away, while the boys were sitting nicely eating lunch, I went to get them juice, in the two seconds my back was turned, Ethan had climbed up, crawled across the top of their table and pushed Marcus out of his chair.
And then Marcus. My biter. I have to say this for Marcus... at least he doesn't bite his brothers... he saves all his dirty little bites for Mommy. And he bites HARD. He bit me tonight when I was getting him ready for bed and he actually left a mark in my arm.
Speaking of nasty habits of the mouth... Owen spits. I don't mean he drools a lot or anything that is cutesy or baby-ish. His two favorite past times are spitting his milk/juice/water all over the floor and letting lots of spit gather in his mouth while cuddling and being sweet to mommy and then turning and spitting all over me. I have no idea where this spitting thing came from, but I am trying so hard to break the habit. Actually, I've been trying hard to break all of their naughty little habits. I'll tell you, it wears a mother out!

I'm sure after reading all I've just written, you'll have trouble believing me when I say that they really are, overall, good boys. I really do believe that they are testing their limits, and trying to see just how much they can get away with. And they are learning, they can't get away with much. I know they do listen because the things I repeat day in and day out they are starting to mimic. They shush each other, finger over mouth and all, they wag their pointer fingers at one another saying "No, no, no." It's already to the point where I can just say a name and give a look and the perp knows to stop what their doing and correct their misbehaviors. Such smart little monkeys.

Speaking of smart, they NEVER act badly when I take them anywhere. They never have. I hope and pray that that will be a lasting trend. I think they are afraid that if they act badly when I take them somewhere, they will be grounded to the house for the rest of their lives. Even when we go to the park or the zoo, they sit quietly in their stroller or wagon, at the park they play quietly in the grass, and explore a bit, but are sure to never stray too far. And just in case that should ever change, my wonderful sister bought them each Monkey Buddy baby harnesses. Yes, I am officially the mom who keeps her kids on leashes. Do I feel bad about it? Nope! It keeps the three of them where I know where they are, what they are doing, and what's going on around them. It is just something to help me keep my kids safe. I won't have to worry about my kids running off getting lost or wandering into harm's way... at least for now.

Seriously though. This whole testing limits thing has gotten old really fast. Anyone want to arrange a vacation for me (all expense paid preferably), babysitting, and my own personal bartender for a weekend? I could really use the break... When I haven't been busy with them, I've been way too tired to care anything about myself. Want to know something I'm actually a little embarrassed about??.... I don't even remember the last time I brushed my hair. That being said, I'm going to get the dishes done, take a nice hot shower, brush my hair, and get some sleep.

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Erica said...

Oh Bonnie! You do need a break, poor Mommy! Rest assured, however, that your little boys are no worse than my (one) little girl! She spits, climbs, bites, pulls hair, AND pinches...and then laughs when I say, "No!" :) It's all about testing their limits!! Can't wait to see you all on Wednesday!