Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm getting good at this...

I'm getting pretty good at getting the boys out and doing things with them all by myself! First was our trip to the zoo. Yesterday I took them to see their Gramma (Ben's mom) at her office. Unfortunately, Marcus was being a bit grumpy and was scaring most of her co-workers away. But they had fun using the remote to control the fan in the office, and Marcus fell in love with the copy machine. 16 months and he's already pushing paper!
Today I took the boys to the Family Fun Day at the small little airport here. Ben hurt his leg at work yesterday, so he didn't feel up to going, and my sister in law was going to go with us, but ended up having stuff she needed to get done. So we got up this morning, I fed the boys and put them all in matching outfits (white tees with overalls). Daddy helped my load the boys in the car and off we went.
I guess we got there a little late because we missed the big jet flying in, but that was alright. It was such a fun day. The boys got to see a lot of different planes and airport equipment. I think we'll have to go every year. Especially when the boys get older. I discovered that in the little planes, they give kids ages 8-17 free rides.
The boys got to see helicopters, and the nice remote control airplanes.
Little girls would just come up to the wagon and start talking to the boys and flirting with them, which I thought was adorable, and then I thought, "Where are these girls' parents?!"
So many people were curious about the boys and there were a few people who thought they were little girls. My response to that was, "No, they're just really pretty boys."
I love that I'm taking the opportunities to show the boys this big world we live in, even if I am doing it by myself. It's a bit of work, and by the time we get home I could use an ice pack on my arms, because they all want their turns of mommy carrying them. I love that they love being held still, I just wish they weren't getting so heavy. I'm sure I looked like quite the pack mule today, at any given time I had one diaper bad slung over my shoulder, a child on my hip, pulling a wagon with two more children in it, and another diaper bag in the compartment on the back of the wagon.
I think the boys were disappointed that the airport didn't sell snow cones like the zoo does, but they soaked up the scenery.
The Air Force had a recruitment booth up, and they were already trying to recruit my little men. They were trying to entice them by giving them toys.
I also found out that our small town is expecting it's 4th set of triplets! My boys were the first! 4 sets of triplets in just over a year and a half! And all in a tiny little midwestern town!! CRAZY!!!

That's what I have for today! Thanks for reading!


Marathon Bound said...

Ah! You have such a knack for story telling! It's not the typical "mom blog" where it's like "My kid poops this many times a day, and drives me nuts, and we had toast for breakfast." It's actually funny, sweet, well-written and really captures their little personalities.

Gosh, I love 'em! Love you too!

Three's Company said...

Stay tuned, there will likely be a new post tomorrow.