Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun times

Well, Marcus is pretty much walking now. It's funny though, because instead of taking actual steps, he shifts all his weight to one leg and then swings his other hip forward. Think of any John Wayne movie. I swear, he looks like he is trying to walk like an old west gun-slinger. It is the cutest thing!

Let's see... the boys love going to the zoo. We went last Wednesday, and their favorite part was the snow cone we all shared.

We've also set up a little kiddie pool in the back yard. The boys think that it's a pretty fun thing, but they only have fun in it if I get in with them. If I'm not in with them, they pretend to hate it. Once I am in the pool, I become Owen's favorite pool toy. He grabs my feet under the water, bends my toes, makes me fold my legs then extend them again. He also takes my hands and makes me splash. Marcus thinks he's a pretty big man because he's figured out how to blow bubbles in the water. I think I may have a swimmer on my hands! He's such a goof!

The boys have always played and interacted with each other, but I've really noticed them trying to socialize with each other, and with Ben and I. Their vocabularies are expanding everyday, and they have already started putting some words together. I am a very proud mommy! They've been saying simple words like "yeah" and "hi" for awhile. Ethan's favorite thing to say lately is "tickle tickle!" It's so cute. I was getting them out of their cribs the other morning and Ethan looked right at me and said, "Tickle me!" He's recently also uttered to me "I busy" "BAMBI" and "Lo you" which I take to mean "love you."
They are all also making acknowledgements to when I hand them something or help them with things. They mumble sounds that somewhat resemble "thank you."

They LOVE music and to shake their groove thangs! haha. But seriously, they should teach dance lessons! It's so fun to watch them react to different kinds of music.

Also, Owen has learned that if he wants a toy someone else has, he has to wait for it. The other night Ethan had a toy, and Owen wanted it, so Owen laid on his tummy next to Ethan (much like a teenage girl will lay on the floor while talking on the phone) and he just watched. As soon as Ethan got bored and moved away from the toy in question, Owen popped up and grabbed the toy! It was pretty funny!
They also seem to have figured out the game "Monkey in the middle" to an extent. Ethan and Marcus will run/crawl around Owen in circles chasing each other and laughing, and Owen just sits there and acts totally oblivious to his brothers. So, it's not really anything like "monkey in the middle" but it's still fun to watch.

Tonight Owen and Marcus were having the best time. Marcus would sit in front of Owen, and Owen would stand facing him, and bend down over him trying to touch his head to Marcus's head, and Marcus would laugh and laugh, and then he's stand up and grab Owen's shoulders, and they would touch foreheads and laugh, then Owen would gently push Marcus and Marcus would fall down, and then Owen would pat Marcus on the head. They did that for almost half an hour.

I wish I had more video and pictures or them doing these things, but every time I pull out the camera or camcorder, they start posing.

Anyway, that's what I've got for now. They do about a billion adorable things everyday, and if I wrote them all in this one blog post, it would get a little too lengthy!

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Marathon Bound said...

This entry made me smile and laugh so much! You should record these updates more often! If for nothing else, than for the memory reference for these things. Love you all! -- Nat