Monday, April 18, 2011

A toddler shower?

So, I guess technically I did have a baby shower. It just didn't really feel like it with the lack of guests. I know there were a lot of factors at play, but I still sometimes get these really bad feelings about it, despite my boys being 2 now.
My sister really tried to plan and pull together a nice shower for me. She was living in Arizona at the time. Still being fairly new to Nebraska, I didn't know too many people here, so other than my husband's family friends, and our families, the people I wanted there lived in far away places. The only people who were at my shower were my grandmother, my mom, my sister, my uncle's ex-wife and her daughter (who arrived very late and didn't stay long at all).
I'm not trying to throw a pity party here or anything. I just still get hurt feelings when I think about it. This was my first pregnancy, and I was having triplets. It just really hurt that it didn't seem to matter to anyone.
I was, and still am, very grateful to my sister for flying in from Arizona to throw me a shower. I was also very grateful to Kara Palmer for sending so many of her son's hand-me-downs. To this day, I still haven't met Kara in person. It was very touching that someone who I've never even met was so helpful and giving.
I know it was hard for my sister to plan my shower on a day that would allow for people to be able to make it, and she ended up having it the day after Thanksgiving. But I'm still so hurt that people who were local couldn't even manage to make it to my shower. And I don't mean to slight the few that were there. I'm glad that my grandma, mom and sister thought having triplets in the family was of more importance that Black Friday shopping. My grandma didn't mind making the drive.
So now that I have a few good friends in the area, and I think I have a better with some of the other people who didn't come to my first shower, would it be selfish or ridiculous to throw a toddler shower? Instead of diapers, bottles, baby moniters, etc. can I ask for big boy underwear, potty training supplies, cups, plates, toddler-friendly cutlery, and things of that nature?


Erica said...

Do it!!

Palmer Family said...

Bonnie you should do it! And I am soo happy that the items I sent you have worked for you! You should ask Isaac if he is ever in this area and I can give you more hand me downs. I know they're not as fun as new items but no one in my family needs them. You can have Natalie email me if Isaac or someone they know flies Into Utah county. Good luck and keep up the great work!