Friday, April 1, 2011

Musings of a maiasaura.

First, just in case I'm not the last person to learn what a maiasaura is, let me tell you. A maiasaura was a dinosaur. The word actually means "good mother lizard." So, a maiasaura was a dinosaur thought to be a good mom.

Now, I have plenty of less than picture perfect moments as a mom, but I still consider myself a good mom. Take this very second of time into consideration. I am typing this with a two year old on my lap. He's playing with the mouse, messing with the keyboard, and being a general two year old. But he's happy. So what if it's slowing me down or making me have to proof read several hundred times while I still type.

Last night my husband and I were making cookies together, the boys were actually in bed and asleep at a reasonable hour, and the house was reasonably clean. The thought occurred to me, "Wow! We've got this parent thing about figured out." I told me husband my thought, and he quickly reminded me that we still have a lot to learn. And he's right.

This morning we were watching Dinosaur Train on PBS, and they were learning about maiasauras. And I could relate myself to this dinosaur, as I'm sure most moms could. And I was thinking about something I read recently about moms having to know about dinosaurs because one day they will have to answer their kids' questions about what their favorite dinosaurs were and why. And even though I don't know much about maiasauras yet, that will be my answer. I like them because they were known for being mommies. Keeping their little hatchlings close to the nest and safe.

We all know that being a mom means more than just keeping our little ones close to home and safe. But I still feel like a fairly kick ass mom on most days, I'm raising triplet boys and somehow I've maintained some shreds of sanity, and I have a happy, healthy family. Some days I don't know what I'm doing, but we manage. We all go to bed every night with full tummies and smiles.

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