Sunday, April 3, 2011

How blogging is like middle school...

In middle school we all feel a little awkward, don't we? I mean, we're all moving on from elementary school and things are different. We're growing up, and finding our clique. I feel awkward as a blogger. I want people to read my blog, I want people to think I'm interesting, but I feel kind of invisible in the blogosphere.

I thought being a mommy of triplets would give me an edge when it came to blogging. I also thought I could find other moms of multiples who blog and feel less alone in the parenting world. Don't get me wrong, I have mommy friends, and they are wonderful, but sometimes I wonder if some of the issues we've had with the boys are unique just to us, or are common among multiples.

I try to network. Follow blogs, follow fellow bloggers on Twitter and facebook, leave comments, get word of my blog out there. Am I missing something? Do I need some sort of gimmick like giveaways and prizes? I feel like I still know so little about blogging. But I just don't feel like I'm generating much traffic. So I am asking those of you who do read my blog, how can I improve? What would you like to read about, or what would make my blog better?

Now, on to mommy stuff....
The only way we can get the boys to do any sleeping is by having no furniture in their room. I feel terrible about that, but it's what keeps them from injuring themselves so much. They figured out a very long time ago how to flip out of their cribs, so we upgraded to toddler beds, which they did great with for awhile, but then they figured out the toddler beds aren't very heavy, so they started flipping them on each other and pinning each other under them, so we took the beds out, and set up pack-n-plays which they figured out how to halfway disassemble, and they were flipping them and getting tangled up in them, so now they have mattresses on the floor. At least they can't really cause too much bodily harm that way, right? I wish we had the room that we could put them each in a room of their own.
We bought the boys water guns last week. They love them. I was a little surprised that they needed no lessons in how to use them, so I'm not really sure where they learned how to use a trigger, and how to aim. They have really good aim. Their daddy told them to get me, and next thing I know I'm getting hit with a stream of water right between the eyes.
Daddy also taught them how to shoot my elastic headbands. 100% boy stuff. I love it though.
You would think I would have learned by now to not underestimate how smart my kids are. They are always surprising me though.


Anonymous said...

Can I please post and copy. I have friends who may have friends with multiples. and I know alot of my friends are not aware of your blog.

Three's Company said...

That's fine! I would love to get my blog out there more!

Anonymous said...

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