Friday, March 11, 2011

One happy, but tired, lady

Some of my best memories growing up were Christmases and summers with my cousins. Even though we lived 2,000 miles apart, when our families got together for holidays, we were basically all best friends. Well, the older cousins, were best friends and the younger cousins were best friends. I was a younger cousin, and my two cousin-friends were Katie and Chelsey. One of my favorite memories was my 8th Christmas. I got some toy, probably really expensive, but I remember the box. The box it came in was HUGE. I don't remember playing with the toy, but I remember Katie, Chelsey and I getting in that box and playing, riding it downstairs, rolling each other around in it, and in all the fun, we got candy canes stuck in our hair.

I remember that so well today because I had the pleasure of watching Chelsey's son today. I watched my boys play with their (2nd) cousin and they were all best friends today. We got out the train set, and after giving up that endeavor, I watched Ethan and Devin play in the box.

It is so fun to watch my kids make the same kinds of memories with their relatives that I made when I was a kid. I also think that it's so cool that my kids and my cousin's son get to grow up in the same area, they have more of an opportunity to be friends. Maybe I think that's such a novel idea and amazing because growing up I lived in GA, and my cousins lived in either FL or CO or NE.

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