Monday, October 18, 2010

talk, talk,talk

That's right folks, we've got talkers! Jabber-jaws, chatter boxes, etc. And oh, I love how my boys sweet talk me!
Ethan is very good at always saying "Thank you" and "Love you, Mama." Owen thinks it's funny to look up at me and say, "What's up?!" And today I was on the phone and had it on speaker phone so the boys could say hi to out of town relatives, someone on the other end said "Hi babies!" And Owen said, Hi bay bees!" And Marcus just talks. Sometimes we can understand what he's saying, sometimes not. He's pretty good at saying things like "thank you" "milk" "juice" and various other things. The one thing I have so much trouble getting them to even try to say is "please." I try and I try. I try to make them say please before giving them snacks they're begging for, and they just won't say it. After trying so hard the other night, I was surprised the next morning when Ethan was playing with his toy helicopter, he showed me what he was playing with and said, plain as day, "Helicopter." He's a smart kid, they all are. I KNOW they can say please, they just won't.

I play a lot of music around here, and let them watch shows with a lot of music, so I shouldn't be surprised that they are trying to sing now too! Today I had my Pandora playing and the song "Single Ladies" came on, and then after listening to that we switched to the Disney station, and after a lot of dancing and grooving, it was nap time. A few minutes after I put them down to nap, I hear the "oh, oh, oh" part of the Beyonce song coming from their room in the sweetest little toddler boy voices! Such funny guys!

Every day I look at my kids, who are nearing the 2 year mark, and I am amazed at how big they are, how funny they are, how much personality they have, and how clever they are. But these are my BABIES! They shouldn't be so big yet, I mean, it was just a couple weeks ago I was bringing them home from the hospital, right?

Last week we had two freak out moments... on the same day! Within 3 hours of each other! The first was that Owen was running and trying to drink from his sippy at the same time... he fell, of course. With the sippy in his mouth. He wouldn't open his mouth to let me see the damage, and there a lot of blood seeping out of his tightly pursed lips, so I'm thinking that he's toothless again, I'm thinking, "Am I going to have to take him to the ER? Why is the bleeding not stopping." But the bleeding did stop, Ben got home from work and we discovered that after all of that, it was a very minor little cut. Then bed time rolls around, and of course Marcus and Owen want to keep playing. So once we get them tucked in and Ben and I turn the light out and leave the room, they get up to play. Well, Owen gets up to play, Marcus gets up, trips and falls face first into the wall/corner of Owen's bed. I hear the "I'm going to die" scream, so I run in the room and Marcus ALREADY has a black eye! That poor boy, his face got all swollen around the eye, and it is still pretty black almost a week later. But it's healing up. We were going to take the boys to a pumpkin patch this weekend, but Ben was afraid people would report us to CPS if they saw Marky's eye, so we're planning on going this coming weekend instead.

That's all the fun stuff I can think of for now.

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