Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Movin' on up!

We picked up the boys' beds Friday, had a busy Labor Day weekend, and got the cribs down and the beds up Monday!

The first night the boys had big boy beds only Owen and Marcus slept in their beds all night, but I figured, "Hey! Two out of three's not bad... not bad at all!" Ethan chose to sleep in the satellite chair in their room that is typically used to hold all their stuffed animals. It was cute!

It's not the third night they've had their beds, last night and tonight, Ethan has been sleeping in his bed. They really don't nap during the day now, but that's ok, because by bed time, they are ready to crash! Once their room is dark, they fall asleep pretty instantly. And what's more... with three identical beds, we just ended up putting them in beds the first night in their birth order, and they sleep in the same bed every night! I think that's pretty interesting!

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