Monday, September 13, 2010

The joys of traveling with kids.

Every "vacation" from the kids comes with a price. Yesterday was Ben and I's second anniversary, so the boys went to Guernsey to stay with G-ma and Boppy for the weekend. From what I hear, the boys had a grand time. While the boys were playing outside, roughing up the dogs and watching football, Ben and I managed to get some relaxing in between catching up on dishes, grocery shopping, and other chores. We went out to dinner, and today Ben went back to work, and I went to pick up the boys. The drive up was nice. I got to listen to any music I wanted, as loud as I wanted. I visited with my parents for awhile, the boys and I had lunch up there, and then I headed back. I knew I probably could make it home without stopping for gas, and wasn't too worried... until I was about halfway home, then decided I needed to stop and put a bit of gas in the car, just to be on the safe side. So I stop, get gas, no problem. We get back on the road, turn the AC on, getting closer to home, and I hear "Bleh!" I look back just in time to see Owen vomit purple puke all over himself (the boys were drinking grape juice). I'm starting to think that maybe Owen suffers from car sickness. So in the next town, I stop at a gas station and am digging clean clothes out of the trunk and get Owen cleaned up. I'm one of those people who don't do well when others are sick, so I pretty much held my breath the rest of the way home to avoid smelling anything unpleasant. I would take breaths when I needed them, and we got home. I hoped the boys would nap so I could get Owen's car seat out of the car and unload the rest of their stuff. No such luck. Although, they did manage to completely disassemble their dresser.
The two night break from the kiddos was great, and it's nice to have the boys back, although, I sometimes with our car rides weren't so eventful.

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