Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's my birthday

I'm a quarter of a century today. 1/4 of the way to 100. And I feel like I'm still such a kid. Not because I act like a kid, or anything like that. I just feel like I still have so much to do before I'm really an "adult."
Because you know, being a mom to triplets, that's so not something adults do.
Actually, I don't know why I feel young. Maybe because this past summer I was still carded to play Keno (legal age in my state is 19).

In any case, I'm enjoying my birthday hugs from my little ones, and super enjoying the fact that my husband is actually cleaning the house so I don't have to. Yeah.

Plus, my awesome parents bought me a kitchenaid stand mixer. And I've only wanted one of those since I was, I dunno, 15 yrs 3 months and 2 weeks old. Not like I've been counting or anything. haha. (That age was totally just thrown out there, to drive the point that I've wanted one for awhile now.)

AND my sister got my a pretty kick-ass cookbook. And last month, for our anniversary, my husband got me a deluxe mandolin slicer (and running shoes). Good thing kitchen-y things excite me, otherwise I might be offended that I got kitchen utensil/appliances/cookbook. But I really love the fun gifts I received.

And just to prove how much of a dork I really am, I'm wearing a tiara and birthday button-ribbon thing today. And just in case you don't believe me... A picture....

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