Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 10 annoying things people ask me/say to me

I'm a mother of triplets. These are the top 10 most obnoxious comments and questions I get regarding having triplets.

1. I don't envy you!
Great. You don't envy me. Well, guess what! I don't envy you either. I have 3 precious little boys, a house full of love, and about a million reasons to smile everyday.

2. Oh wow! Instant family, I guess you and your husband are done having kids.
Whether we're done having kids or not, it's not of your business. Which brings me to number 3...

3. You need to try for a girl now.
I'm happy with my boys. I have nieces. Again, us having more kids or not is nobody's business but our own. And please don't think it's up to you to make the decision of me subletting my uterus for another 9 months.

4. What did you use to get pregnant?
My husband. And quite frankly, I don't appreciate the assumption that the only way anyone could possibly have multiples is with some sort of infertility treatment or something. Also, I don't feel comfortable discussing my husband and I's sex life. Just assume that sex makes babies and leave it at that.

5. How do you tell the two identical ones apart?
They are my children, I spend all day with them everyday. They may look identical to you, but I know my kids. Their personalities shine through and to me, they are so different and truly each their own little person, how could I not be able to tell them apart?

6. How do you do it?
Really? How does anyone raise their kids, whether multiples, siblings of different ages, or only children? Raising kids is a challenge, and just like any other parents, we raise our kids with love, teach them how to be respectful and well-mannered, and basically just do the best we can.

7. Oh wow! You have twins?
Can you count? I have 3 kids here, that would make them triplets. Yes, only two look alike. It's because two are identical and one is fraternal. But yes, they are triplets.

8. Why didn't you pick names that rhyme or all start with the same letter?
Because we didn't.

9. Triplets, wow, I know someone with twins and I had to babysit them once....
Great, good for you for knowing someone else with multiples. I'm raising multiples, so I really don't care about your story about the time you babysat 3 month old twins.

10. Did you know you were having triplets?
I really don't understand this question. Did I know I was going to have triplets before I even knew I was pregnant? No. Did I know when the pregnancy test read positive? No. I found out at 13 weeks. And as big as one gets with more than 1 baby growing inside them, and with medical technology, yes, I found out before delivery day that there were 3.

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