Thursday, January 22, 2009

They're here, they're here!

The boys have made it! They are so beautiful...I cannot describe their perfection and beauty, except to say that to see three healthy, magnificent little men truly and easily stirs the emotions.

According to Bonnie and Ben, during surgery, as soon as the boys came out, they started crying immediately. Having the first encounter with his children, Ben cried as soon as he heard them. It was a successful surgery, and they all came out unharmed!

Their names are Marcus James, Ethan Wayne, and Owen Ross. Marcus and Ethan are twins, and a little smaller than their other brother. The twins have many features from Bonnie's side of the family. In my personal opinion, they look JUST like their Boppy! (That's Bonnie's and my dad).

Owen could not look MORE like his father. He is the absolute spitting image of Ben.

Bonnie was able to carry for 35 weeks and 4 days...almost 8 months! She was such a trooper. It was difficult and uncomfortable, but she did it!

Their weights and lengths:

Marcus is 17.5 inches and 4 lbs 8 oz.
Owen is 19 inches and 5 lbs, 2 oz.
And Ethan is 17.5 in and 4.5 oz.

I am sure someone will post photos here soon. I have already sent some from my phone to facebook. So if you have facebook, you can see them on my page. Otherwise, please stay tuned...we'll get pictures up here to share with everyone just as soon as possible.

Our family is glowing. My parents have a full nest of grandchildren already! I could not be more excited to have three such beautiful nephews, and could not be happier that my sister will be their wonderful mother.

Bonnie was REALLY tired and a little swollen yesterday, but just happy that the pregnancy was DONE! She is taking visitors, but please bear in mind, that she is very exhausted and does need some private time too with her new family.

If you decide to visit her at home once they are all released, PLEASE (and this is VERY important) make sure that you call her (and TALK to her) or Ben before going over. They will be busy, but we assure you, they will ask for help when they need it. Right now, some private family time is important to them.

Thanks and Love,


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